Microtec is a manufacturer of laboratory equipments for bionanotechnology.

Main Products

Homogenizer: Physcotron

HomogenizerAvailable in various types: Universal-type homogenizer, ultrasonic homogenizer, and handy micro homogenizer (for a small amount of sample)
Your sample can be homogenized in a short time with high precision!

Zeta Potential Analyzer: ZEECOM

ZEECOM employs microscopic electrophoresis method with image-processing technique. ZEECOM automatically recognizes the electrophoresis migration of individual particles on a monitor and determines the particle migration speed, which is then converted into the zeta potential value.

Colony Picker: Pm3

Producton of Pm-2s has terminated. The new model, Pm3 is coming soon!


Gene Light: Suitable for various applications! Compact, easy-to-use, and reasonable luminometer
Lumi-Counter: Multifunctional luminometer with the functions of constant temperature and agitation.

Frozen Cell Crusher: Cryo-Press

jӑuIn Cryo-Press, your sample is frozen in liquid nitrogen, and crushed by applying pulsed pressure. Since Cryo-Press prevents thermal denaturation of sample during crushing, It is the best suitable for the DNA, RNA, and protein extraction.Tissues and cells are instantly crushed into fine powder!

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