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Micotec Co., Ltd. has been producing various homogenizers for more than 40 years. And now, we are the only company that produces and sells homogenizers as a main business in Japan.

Our homogenizers "Physcotron" have the strong advantage of "micro-processing technology of the blade edge". In contrast, other homogenizer manufacturers mainly depend on enhancing the power supply which makes louder noises or even breaks your sample.

Cell Crushing and Extraction

Universal homogenizer Physcotron can break up to a few microns of cells and the nucleus therein. However, problems such as DNA shredding will occur if the crushing power is too strong. So it is very important to adjust the blade edge according to the object. In our customizing service, we process the rotational inner blade (part of the generator) to suit user's purpose.

This caring support enables you to obtain the extraction rate of the desired object at a high level that can not be reached by ready-made products.

For extraction of DNA and RNA, Frozen Cell Crusher "Cryo-Press" is most suitable. Please see this page.


Physcotron is also good at dispersing the sample (dispersion system) while crushing it in liquid (solvent system). It often happens that particles can stick together and agglomerate without maintaining the state of small particles.

This happens when the zeta potential of the particles is low. But our know-how on zeta potential has improved the ability of homogenizer from this angle. Please leave the crushing the sample with such particle characteristics to us.

Refinement and homogenization

There are various methods for homogenization, and inexpensive equipments can be good enough to just homogenize sample. However, refinement is very difficult, and there are many cases that refinement cannot be done at all because you select a wrong equipment.

Physcotron is basically an equipment for refinement. In order to refine, the sample moving around should be kept in the generator and crushed. In contrast, for homogenization, sample should move faster to make more opportunity to be mixed. However, It is obviously necessary to homogenize while refining. Therefore, how efficiently both homogenization and refinement can be performed simultaneously determines the ability of the homogenizer. In this respect, the design of the Physcotron generator part boasts the highest and unrivaled level.

Product Lineup

In the table below, four drive units on the left are compatible with any of generator shafts on the right.

Drive units Generator shafts

Standard type

Standard type
with a rotational indicator
Open type
Small volume NS-10, NS-10M, NS-10G
Universal NS-20, NS-20M, NS-20G
Sharp NS-20S
Ultrasonic wave NS-30U, NS-30UG
Shaft for separate-type generators 10P, 20P
Closed type

Silent type

Silent type
with a timer & rotational indicator
Small volume NS-10G, NS-10GM
Universal NS-20G, NS-20GM
Sharp NS-20SG, NS-20SGM
Agitation NS-20MG
Ultrasonic NS-30UG
Multiplexed ultrasonic NS-35UG
Large volume NS-35G
Shaft for separate-type generators 10TP, 20TP

In the table below, two drive units on the left are compatible with any of generator shafts on the right.

Drive units Micro-shafts

Handy Micro-homogenizer
Standard type
0.05 - 2 ml NS-3
0.1 - 5 ml NS-4
0.5 - 50 ml NS-7

Please let us know your application. We are happy to suggest the best combination of drive-unit and generator!


Discontinued Product

Handy Micro Homogenizer NS-360D





Zeta Potential Analyzer

Colony Picker



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