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Overwhelming Extraction Efficiency of Biomaterials by Strong Crushing Power

Cryo-Press (Frozen Cell Crusher) is an equipment that freeze tissue which is difficult to be crushed and degenerates easily with liquid nitrogen and crush it. Analysis of biological substances such as protein, DNA, RNA extracted from tissues is necessary for research in various fields. Among these biological substances, enzymes and mRNAs are particularly vulnerable to heat.

In the conventional pulverization method, heat is generated by crushing and the target substance is thermally denatured. If this problem cannot be solved, the collection rate will be very low. In addition, the conventional pulverization method did not satisfy the crushing ability of hard tissues such as skin, hair, bone and animal and plant fibers.

Cryo-Press was born to solve these problems. The cell (container) of the Cryo-Press is made of stainless steel, and this cell is cooled together with the sample in liquid nitrogen (about -180℃). And then hitting with the strong power of the air compressor crushes the tissue and cell in a moment.

By pulverizing instantaneously, heat is minimized during crushing. As a result, it led to a dramatic increase in the extraction rate of living tissue. Moreover, compared with a rotary homogenizer, it is less likely to physically destroy the state of the target object by crushing with a hitting method. The crushing ability is very strong by the air compressor system.





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