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Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd.

We transferred our entire business of ZEECOM ZC-3000 to Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd. on November 1st, 2022. The company has a large lineup of colloid and interface science related products and has been selling our zeta potential analyzer for a long time. If you are interested in ZC-3000, please contact them here.

Zeta Potential Analyzer: ZC-3000 (written in Japanese)

Zeta Potential Analyzer: ZEECOMs

Zeta potential and particle size measurements with real time observation!

Automatic Tracking of Particles by Image Analysis Processing

Application Fields


Analysis modes

Mobility / histogram / frequency curve / mean value / peak value / dispersion / flow velocity distribution / pH responsiveness / isoelectric point / digitization size and zeta potential / temporal change


Product model ZEECOM ZC-3000
Zeta potential measurement range -200 to 200 mV
Mobility -20 to 20 cm2/sec⋅V
Particle size range for zeta potential measurement 0.02 - 100 µm
(Measurable size changes depending on the particle property and medium.)
Particle size range for particle size distribution measurement 0.1 - 1 µm
(Measurable size changes depending on the particle property and medium.)
Supply voltage 0 to 350V DC *Applicable voltage to electrodes (compatible with external power supply)
Weight 25 kg
Power supply AC100V 1A 50/60 Hz





Zeta Potential Analyzer

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