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Ultra High Speed Homogenizer: Physcotron

Physcotron is developed from our own fine processing technology. The accuracy of its clearance between inner and outer blade is extremely high. Physctron enables uniform fine grinding, pulverizing, crushing, and homogenization, which no other company products can achieve.

Holding the line against other homogenizers relying on power alone, Physcotron is designed with the emphasis on blade edge processing. More than 6,000 physcotrons have been sold so far in Japan.

Zeta Potential Analyzer: ZEECOM

ZEECOM employs microscopic electrophoresis method with image-processing technique. ZEECOM automatically recognizes the electrophoresis migration of individual particles on a monitor and determines the particle migration speed, which is then converted into the zeta potential value.

Fully Automatic Colony Picker: PM-2s

PM-2s is a bench-top colony picker.
It automatically picks specified colonies and transfers them to microplates / Petri dishes.
Triplicate sterilization process and Microtec proprietary Automatic Needle Change System (A.N.C.S.) provide you an ultimate contamination-free environment.


Gene Light: Suitable for various applications! Compact, easy-to-use, and reasonable luminometer
Lumi-Counter: Multifunctional luminometer with the functions of constant temperature and agitation.

Frozen Cell Crusher: Cryo-Press

With liquid nitrogen and air compressor, CYROPRESS can easily "Hit and Smash" your samples without heat denaturation.

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