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Measurement modes

You can select zeta potential measurement modes depending on the electrophoresis condition of your sample.

Automatic measurement

In automatic measurement mode, individual particles are automatically recognized. All you have to do is to specify the number of particles and time, and zeta potential is automatically measured.

You can check the electrophoresis migration of individual particles on a monitor. Automatic measurement mode is suited for massive dataacquisition.

Manual measurement

In manual measurement, you track the particle migration on a monitor.
First of all, you set start and goal lines. When the particles pass the start and goal lines, click a mouse button. Data are collected by repeating the above procedure. Then, the zeta potential of individual particles are measured.

Manual measurement is suitable for the samples below:

Movies of particles undergoing Brownian motion or electrophoresis migration

Zeta potential and particle size measurements are performed with real time observation of particles.

Brownian motion or electrophoresis migration in a solution
(Movies will pop up by clicking the images.)
Silver colloid particles (10-20nm)
undergoing Brownian motion (10.5MB)
Sample provided by Tanaka Precious Metals Co., Ltd.
TEM image of the samle (PDF 453KB)
Setteling kaolin (5-10µm)
in the electrophoresis (912KB)
Sample provided by Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Examples of zeta potential analysis modes

Particles with a size of 20nm to 100µm(*) are measurable.

In ZEECOM, sample solution is inlet in our own developed electrophoresis cell. By irradiating the sample cell, dispersed particles in a solution are brightened and displayed on a monitor through a microscope.

Then by tracking electrophoresis particles, their mobility and zeta potential values are calculated.

By using laser light with high scattering intensity for light source, particles with a size of 20nm(*) can be observed.

(*) Depending on particles, in case the difference in refractive index between particle surface and solvent is small, it may be difficult to observe particles on the monitor.
Automatic measurement mode:
Image analysis software recognizes individual particles and track their migration.

Data acquisition of individual particles & histogram display

In ZEECOM, the software records the zeta potential values of INDIVIDUAL particles.They are NOT just average values or distribution of particles.

Saved zeta potential data can be output as CSV file (.csv).
A CSV file format is a text format compatible with most spreadsheet programs (such as OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel) and is easily editable as a worksheet.

Also, in case primary particles and secondary particles are mixed, they can be distinguished on the monitor.
So you can select and acquire only the data of primary particles.

Zeta potential histogram of individual particles





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